Grace Church appointed a Search Committee to assist the Vestry in the search for a new priest after the retirement of The Rev. Marion Kanour on January 1, 2020. The committee facilitated focus groups and surveys of members and friends of the congregation and, based on that information, produced a number of documents to provide a profile of the church for potential candidates to fill the position of part-time Rector.  Grace is working with St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Clifford (about 15 miles away) because they are also looking for a part time Rector.  The two churches have agreed to combine their searches to provide full-time work for one priest who will serve both churches.  The two churches have been collaborating for years on joint services during Lent.  For several years they have shared a music director, and have shared virtual services since March, due to the pandemic, Provided here are links to the documents that profile Grace Church as well as similar documents describing the collaboration of the two churches in joint search for a priest.

Grace Episcopal Church and St. Mark’s Episcopal Church are together seeking a priest to grow with us as we develop as separate faith communities with a shared missional commitment.


The Search Committees of Grace and St. Mark’s worked together to respond to questions both separately and jointly for inclusion on the Office of Transition Ministry website.

Search Documents